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We are a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, a church body committed to sharing life in Jesus with people throughout the world.

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3 Year Bible Reading: 2 Kings 19

Our Three Year Bible reading for today is 2 Kings 19.


  • Chapter 19 demonstrates the true power of God in the face of an arrogant nation that decided to mock Him
  • When we left the Israelites on Friday, they were under siege by the Assyrian army
    • An Assyrian field commander had publicly ridiculed God in the ears of the Israelites on Jerusalem’s walls
    • When Hezekiah heard about this event, he was distraught
      • He put on sackcloth and expressed his mourning over the sins of the people, which had brought this calamity upon the city
  • Some of Hezekiah’s officials went to Isaiah the prophet, who gave them an encouraging response
  • Though the people of Judah were but a small remnant of Israel, God would rescue them in spectacular fashion
    • God had heard the blasphemous words of the Assyrians and would hand out the appropriate punishment
  • He wanted this situation in Jerusalem to end quickly so he sent Hezekiah an intimidating letter
    • The letter repeated the mocking words, which the field commander had used earlier
    • Both men pointed to the fact that no god had been able to stand up to their army to this point
  • He gave full credit to God for His ability to saved him and his people
  • He directed God’s attention to the insulting words of the Assyrians
    • He asked that God would show His true power to the nations around Israel by rescuing the people of Jerusalem
  • Sennacherib would learn the hard way that messing with the true God was a big mistake
    • He had bragged about his country’s ability and equated himself with God
    • God now informed Sennacherib that he had been only a pawn God used to accomplish His purposes
    • Now God would bring Sennacherib low just as easily as He had raised Sennacherib up to his position
      • The promise of putting a hook in Sennacherb’s nose was a reference to what the owner of an angry bull would do in order to curtail him
      • God promised that Sennacherib would not even attack the city at all.
  • When the surviving soldiers awoke to such destruction, they withdrew from the land
  • As he was worshiping a false god, his own sons assassinated him
  • This happened just as God had foretold through Isaiah
  • Meanwhile, Sennacherib, the Assyrian king, was busy facing battles on several different fronts
  • When Hezekiah received the letter, he immediately went to the temple and prayed
  • God answered Hezekiah’s prayer almost immediately through the words of Isaiah
  • That very night the angel of the Lord destroyed 185,000 Assyrian soldiers
  • The chapter concludes with the end of Sennacherib


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3 Year Bible Reading: 2 Kings 18

Our Three Year Bible reading for today is 2 Kings 18.


  • Chapter 18 introduces us to Hezekiah, one of the faithful kings in Judah’s history
    • We note that Hezekiah not only believed in the true God but also did something many faithful kings before him had not done: destroy the altars to false gods in his land
      • Hezekiah even destroyed the bronze snake which Moses fashioned because the people had begun to worship it
    • Hezekiah is very simply and beautifully described as one who trusted in the Lord
    • As a result God blessed Hezekiah’s military campaigns, and Hezekiah rebelled against Assyria, which had dominated Israel
      • The writer brings out the contrast between Hezekiah and Hoshea, king of Israel, by reminding us of Israel’s fate
  • 10 years after Hezekiah initially rebelled against Assyria, the forces of that army returned and easily captured several cities in Judah
  • When Hezekiah saw the vast Assyrian army, he had a moment of weakness
    • Instead of trusting in God for protection, he offered to pay tribute to Assyria
    • Hezekiah ended up taking the money for the tribute from the temple treasury
      • He even stripped the gold from the temple doors
  • He went ahead with his plan to capture Jerusalem and enslave its inhabitants
  • Sennacherib first sent one of his chief officials with a potential deal for Judah’s surrender
    • This official addressed Judah’s leadership from outside the walls
      • His message mocked both Judah’s power and God’s ability to protect Judah
        • He said that trusting in Egypt to rescue them would be foolish, since Egypt was a mere shadow of its former self
        • He figured that trusting in God would be foolish for Judah since Hezekiah had just removed many altars
          • This messenger assumed that God would have wanted all those altars
        • He also estimated that Hezekiah’s forces were vastly outnumbered by those of Assyria
        • He suggested that Judah could not even provide horseman for the horses Assyria possessed
    • The officials of Judah respectfully asked that this official not speak in Hebrew so the people of Jerusalem would not hear his blasphemous words
    • Instead the official’s words became even nastier
      • He addressed the people of Jerusalem directly in Hebrew
        • He told them how dumb it would be to trust in Hezekiah or the true God
          • They would certainly suffer in the misery of a city under siege
        • He promised them peace and prosperity if they would just come out to him and surrender
        • He concluded by pointing out that no god of any other nation had been able to stop Assyria to this point
    • The people did not respond to the official, and Hezekiah’s delegation mournfully reported to him what had happened
  • Sennacherib, the Assyrian king, did not keep his word when he received this tribute


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