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We are a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, a church body committed to sharing life in Jesus with people throughout the world.

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We are located on Pippin Rd., in close proximity to Fairfield, Forest Park, Seven Hills, Hamilton, and southern Butler County
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Sunday Services
8:30 and 11:00 am
Child and Adult Sunday School between services

Our Preschool and Kindergarten enrolling now!
We have openings in both the three-year-old (Tuesday and Thursday morning) and four-year-old (Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings) classes. There are also openings in the kindergarten which meets full days on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Call now to schedule a visit at (513) 825-2290
check out the Pre-K Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/mrskiedrowski.
Applications are available on this website.


Our congregation is trying a new program called Mornings with Mommy.   This program is idle for the summer months, but we plan to restart along with the school year, in the fall of 2014.

It's a fun and easy way for you to enjoy activities with your children and meet other Moms. 

Mornings with Mommy details and Sign Up here!

3 Year Bible Reading: Genesis 42

Our Three Year Bible reading for today is Genesis 42.


  • As chapter 42 begins, famine has reached Joseph’s father, Jacob, and his brothers, who had sold him into slavery
  • Jacob learned that grain was being sold to foreigners in Egypt so he sent 10 of his sons on a mission to bring back food for the family
    • He did not permit his son, Benjamin, to go along since he had replaced Joseph as favorite son
    • Jacob feared that something tragic might happen to him
  • When Joseph’s brothers arrived in Egypt, he immediately recognized them
    • They, however, did not realize that they were speaking to their brother
      • They would never have expected to find him in such a role
  • The brothers bowed to Joseph out of respect, and Joseph immediately remembered the dreams he had about this as a teenager
    • Joseph did not reveal his identity to his brothers immediately
      • He wanted to see if they had changed their ways and repented of their sin in selling him
    • Joseph instead spoke through an interpreter and accused his brothers of being spies
      • Despite their protests otherwise, Joseph claimed to not believe them
        • He was able to get information about his father and Benjamin by continuing his accusations
        • He also said he would not believe them unless they brought his brother Benjamin
        • He increased the pressure on them by keeping them in custody for three days
          • This would give them plenty of time to think about the similar way they had treated Joseph earlier
            • Joseph’s intent was to bring up the memory of their guilt and to then treat it
          • After the three days were over, Joseph called the brothers back with a new offer
            • One of them would have to stay in custody while the rest of them returned home with grain for their family
            • This brother in captivity would not be released unless Benjamin was brought to Egypt
  • Upon hearing this ultimatum, the dams holding back the brothers’ consciences broke
    • They acknowledged their terrible guilt in what they had done to Joseph
    • They wondered if this might be God’s way of punishing them for what they had done
    • They did not realize that their brother, Joseph, was standing there and could understand all they were saying
      • Joseph was so overcome by emotion, he had to leave the room and weep
      • When he returned, he ordered Simeon bound before them and sent them away
  • While their grain was being loaded, Joseph ordered that their payment be placed back into their food bags
    • The brothers were terrified when they stopped for the night and saw their money still in their bags
    • Their words demonstrated that they understood God was behind these events
      • They confessed that He was the one in charge
  • When the brothers finally returned home, they told their father all that had happened to them in Egypt
    • They still failed to mention their role in Joseph’s disappearance
    • They unpacked their grain and each of the men found their payment still in their food bag
      • All of them were extremely frightened, and Jacob refused to let Benjamin go back with them
        • He also dismissed Reuben’s offer of his two grandchildren as collateral
        • These brothers were being led along a path of repentance by God through Joseph as agent
          • They would ultimately be led back into their Heavenly Father’s waiting arms

What does it lead me to confess?

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3 Year Bible Reading: Genesis 41

Our Three Year Bible reading for today is Genesis 41.


  • When chapter 40 ended, Joseph had been forgotten by the chief cupbearer, whose dream he had interpreted
  • Chapter 41 picks up two years later when Egypt’s ruler, Pharaoh, had a strange dream of his own
    • Pharaoh first had a dream in which he was standing at the Nile River
      • Seven skinny cows ate seven fat cows
    • Pharaoh fell asleep again and had a similar dream
      • Seven good-sized heads of grain on a single stalk were swallowed up by seven thin heads of rain
    • Pharaoh was deeply troubled by these dreams and called in many highly educated people to help him understand it
      • None of them were able to tell Pharaoh anything, however
  • At this point the cupbearer remembered his promise to Joseph
    • He mentioned Joseph’s ability to interpret dreams in the past
    • Pharaoh immediately sent for Joseph
  • When asked if he could interpret the dreams, Joseph immediately deflected all praise and glory to God
  • After hearing Pharaoh relate the dreams, Joseph was able to give him an interpretation through the wisdom of God, who had sent the dreams to Pharaoh in the first place
    • The seven fat cows and seven healthy heads of grain were seven years of plenty; the land would give forth an abundant harvest
    • The seven skinny cows and seven thin heads of grain were seven years of famine that would follow the seven years of abundance
    • Joseph reasserted the power of God and pointing out the urgency indicated by the fact that Pharaoh was given two dreams; the time for these things would come very soon
    • Joseph then concluding by advising Pharaoh to find a man who could serve as an administrator during these next few years
      • Such a person would oversee the collection of extra food, which the country would then eat during the years of famine
      • The collection would be done by means of a 20 percent tax on each farmer’s harvest
    • Pharaoh recognized that Joseph’s words were more than just human intelligence; they were wisdom from someone above humanity
      • Therefore Pharaoh instructed that Joseph be put in charge of these efforts
  • Joseph was given great authority over Egypt; he was second in command to Pharaoh himself
    • Pharaoh paraded Joseph around the land in order to let the people know that he was to be heard and obeyed, even as a foreigner
    • Joseph was also given an Egyptian name and an Egyptian wife
  • At age 30 Joseph entered service in the Egyptian kingdom
    • He had now lived in Egypt for 13 years, having been sold into slavery by his brothers at the age of 17
    • He traveled around during the seven years of abundance and oversaw the collection of the taxes
      • There was so much food being brought in that Joseph could not even count it all
  • Moses tells us that Joseph was also blessed with two sons, and their names have great significance
    • His first son’s name, Manasseh, means “He caused me to forget”
      • Joseph’s release from prison and subsequent blessings of employment and family were gifts from God that caused him to forget his former troubles
    • His second son’s name, Ephraim, means “Double fruitfulness”
      • This was a second gift from God
  • When the years of abundance were over, famine struck just as God had promised
    • The people cried out to Pharaoh, and he directed them to Joseph
    • Joseph then oversaw the selling of the grain back to the people in order to avoid running out of their supplies

What does it lead me to confess?

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