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We are a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, a church body committed to sharing life in Jesus with people throughout the world.

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3 Year Bible Reading: 2 Samuel 19

Our Three Year Bible reading for today is 2 Samuel 19.  


  • Chapter 18 ended with David wracked with grief over the death of his son, Absalom
    • Chapter 19 shows us what happened when the dust of battle was settling
  • David’s sadness was greatly affecting all the people of Mahanaim, the city where he had set up his base during Absalom’s rebellion
    • Instead of celebrating the victory God had given them, the soldiers were gloomy, following their king’s lead
    • David’s commander, Joab, boldly went to David and shook him out of his stupor
      • He bluntly told David that his behavior was humiliating the men who had fought so hard for him
        • They felt as though they had done something wrong against him
      • Joab warned David that if his self-pity continued, he would lose the loyalty of these men who had risked so much to stay by his side
        • David needed to go out to his men and thank him for their service; life would go on
    • David listened to Joab and went out to his troops
  • The civil war was over, but the repercussions needed to be handled
    • The soldiers who had joined Absalom’s side argued amongst themselves about whether David should return to the throne of Israel
      • Finally the people realized that David had been such a blessing to them, freeing them from the surrounding nations
      • They extended the invite to David and asked him to be king once more
    • Interestingly, it was David’s people in Judah who were slow to bring him back as king
      • David ended up sending messages through his priests to ask why they were reluctant to have him as their king
      • Surprisingly David also offered to make Amasa, the commander of Absalom’s army, into the commander of Israel’s united army
        • It’s puzzling to the reader why David would bypass Joab when he had done so much for him personally
      • Judah’s leaders responded with an enthusiastic “yes” to the idea of David ruling them once more
        • David and his men began their journey home
  • As David headed to Jerusalem, he encountered many people who had chosen sides during the rebellion; how would he react to them?
    • Shimei was one of the first to greet David
      • Remember that he had cursed David and pelted him with rocks during David’s flight from Jerusalem
      • Shimei immediately confessed his guilt to David and asked for mercy
        • Remember that this confession happened in front of thousands of David’s men who had witnessed Shimei’s first outrageous act
      • Abishai suggested that Shimei still be put to death
        • He had originally suggested that Shimei have his head cut off during Shimei’s first rant
      • David instead humbly forgave Shimei and made an oath that he would not be put to death
        • Such humble behavior from a man whom God had taught humility very well!
    • Next up was Mephibosheth, one of Saul’s grandsons
      • Mephibosheth’s servant, Ziba, had lied to David about Mephibosheth’s intentions during the rebellion
        • He claimed that Mephibosheth had joined Absalom’s side
      • Mephibosheth now had an opportunity to set the story straight with David
        • His appearance demonstrated the fact that he had been genuinely distraught over David’s departure from Jerusalem
      • David initially questioned Mephibosheth closely about why he had not fled with David
        • Mephibosheth, who was handicapped in his feet, explained that he had asked Ziba to bring his donkey that he might flee with David
          • Ziba had apparently refused to do this, however
      • David didn’t seem to want to figure out who was lying and simply ordered that the possessions he had given to Mephibosheth and then to Ziba be split amongst them evenly
    • Next up David had to say goodbye to a man named Barzillai
      • He was an elderly man with great wealth who had helped David with supplies during the rebellion
      • David offered to bring Barzillai back to Jerusalem and take care of him for the rest of his life
        • Barzillai politely declined, however, referenced his advanced age
        • Barzillai instead suggested that a man named Kimham receive the royal treatment
          • David happily agreed to this plan
      • Then the men embraced and went their separate ways across the Jordan River
  • The chapter concludes with a sad interaction between the tribes of Judah and Israel
    • The tribes of Israel were upset that the tribes of Judah had taken the lead in escorting David back across the river
      • They claimed that Judah had “stolen” their king
    • Judah responded by asserting that they were relatives of David
    • Israel fired back that they had ten tribes to Judah’s two
      • Also they had been the first to invite David back
    • Judah responded with some harsh words for Israel
    • This is a sad footnote to what should have been an entirely joyful day

What does it lead me to confess?

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3 Year Bible Reading: 2 Samuel 18

Our Three Year Bible reading for today is 2 Samuel 18.  


  • Chapter 18 gives us the final battle between David and his son, Absalom
  • At the beginning of the chapter we find David getting his forces organized
    • Absalom had overestimated the level of support he would have in Israel, and David had many soldiers who rallied to his side
    • David divided up his men under the command of Joab, Abishai, and Ittai
      • These three men discouraged David from joining the battle
        • They reasoned that the men would lose heart if David was killed
          • Even if many of them died, the soldiers would keep fighting on David’s behalf since they loved him so dearly
      • David agreed to stay behind but he asked his commanders to be gentle with Absalom
        • He still held out hope that some part of the relationship could be repaired
  • The two armies marched against one another, and David’s men easily defeated those loyal to Absalom
    • Absalom had no battle experience or military expertise
    • The battle was fought in the dense forest of Ephraim
      • Absalom’s men panicked when they saw they were surrounded
      • Unable to escape through the trees, 20,000 of died in flight
    • Absalom became tangled in tree branches, and his donkey continued on
      • Absalom was left hanging in midair
    • A soldier reported Absalom’s predicament to Joab
      • Joab was incredulous that the man hadn’t killed Absalom on the spot
        • He would have received a large reward
        • The soldier explained that he didn’t want to go against David’s orders about Absalom
    • Joab went to Absalom and killed him without hesitation
      • Joab’s bodyguard then took Absalom’s body and threw it into a pit, heaping rocks on top of it an dishonorable fashion
      • Joab did not seem to fear David’s anger over killing his son
    • The trumpet sounded to announce the battle was over, and fighting stopped
  • David was waiting back in Mahanim for word from the battlefields
    • Ahimaaz begged with Joab to be the messenger
      • Joab insisted that Ahimaaz did not want to be the one to take David such bad news
    • Joab instead sent another man with the news, but Ahimaaz continued to plead with him
      • Finally Joab relented and let him run after the first messenger
    • Ahimaaz was very fast and arrived at David’s location before the first messenger
      • David saw him coming a long way off and decided it must be good news
    • Ahimaaz first David that everything was good on the battlefield
      • When David pressed him for news about Absalom, Ahimaaz lost the will to tell David the truth
        • He gave him a vague answer instead
      • At that point the other messenger arrived and told David the truth: Absalom was dead
    • The chapter concludes with David’s grief over the loss of his son

What does it lead me to confess?

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