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We are a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, a church body committed to sharing life in Jesus with people throughout the world.

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3 Year Bible Reading: Judges 16

Our Three Year Bible reading for today is Judges 16.


  • Samson eventually lost interest in using his strength to serve God
    • We must watch and pray so that we do not fall into temptation, as Jesus instructed us
    • Samson’s a clear example of someone who became lazy about his faith and detached from God
  • As this chapter begins, Samson went to visit a prostitute
    • The city of Gaza was the most southern of the Philistine cities, which mean Samson was going as deep into enemy territory as possible
    • The message got to his enemies that he was in their territory
      • The gates of the city were shut tight in order to keep him from escaping
    • Samson woke up in the middle of the night and ripped the doors off their hinges
      • He set them on a nearby hill to mock his enemies
  • Samson later fell in love with a woman named Delilah
    • His enemies went to her and bribed her to help them capture him
      • This shows you how Delilah really felt about Samson; the love was not mutual
      • They would pay her 15 years’ wages
    • Three times Delilah directly asked Samson what the source of his strength was
      • Each time he tricked her
      • Why did he stay? Surely he knew what she was doing
        • He was playing with her, convinced of his own invincibility
        • He seemed to enjoy this game with Delilah
      • Delilah nagged him constantly to tell her the secret of his strength
        • Samson got tired of it and tested God
    • He told her the vow he had made about his hair
      • She shaved off his hair and told the Philistines to come and get him
    • When Samson jumped up to fight, he found that his strength was gone
  • Samson was immediately punished and forced to do the work a donkey would normally do
    • The Philistines gouged out his eyes
    • His humiliation was total; his former arrogance was gone away
  • In prison Samson’s hair began to grow back
    • Nazirite vows can be renewed, but would God be merciful to Samson?
  • At a party for one of their false gods, the Philistines decided to bring out Samson as entertainment
    • Samson asked a young boy to help him lean against the main pillars of the building
    • He prayed to God in full repentance
      • He essentially asked God to let him be what he was supposed to be: the enemy of the Philistines and rescuer of Israel
      • This last heroic act was not selfish, but Samson was giving up his life in service to God
  • Samson died better than he lived
    • Like Gideon, Samson can be found as one of the flawed heroes of faith in Hebrews 11
  • His family was courageous in going to get his body in the midst of enemy territory

What does it lead me to confess?    

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3 Year Bible Reading: Judges 15

Our Three Year Bible reading for today is Judges 15.


  • Chapter 14 ended with Samson angrily leaving his wedding feast and killing 30 men to settle a debt with some Philistine men
    • After he left, his new father-in-law gave her daughter as a wife to the best man instead
      • Unaware of what happened, Samson went to go and see the woman he thought was his wife
      • Samson was irate when he found out what his father-in-law had done
        • The father offered his younger daughter in an attempt to appease Samson’s anger
      • Samson refused and proceeded to take his revenge on the Philistines, whom he blamed for this situation
        • He was able to catch 300 wild animals and used them to set fire to the Philistines’ food supply
          • This act not only shows you Samson’s strength and ingenuity, but also the depth of his anger
    • Sadly the Philistines responded by killing this young woman and her father
  • Samson responded: he attacked and killed many of them
    • A note on the word “viciously” from the People’s Bible:
      • “Vicious’ is the NIV’s way of translating the colorful expression ‘hip and thigh’ that has entered the English vocabulary through the KJF Bible. The two parts of the anatomy are actually the leg from the knee down, and the thigh proper. Commentators have suggested that a maneuver of the martial arts is being described in which Samson would thrust forth his right leg and thigh, catch his foe by the right arm, and then throw the foe over on his head. With sufficient brute strength, such a move could be fatal.”
    • Then Samson went out to live in the wild by himself
  • The Philistines responded by marching on Judah; they explained that they had come to get their revenge on Samson
    • In fear of the Philistines, a group of the Israelites attempted to hand Samson over to them as a peace offering
      • He was tied up with two, new and strong ropes
    • Samson broke free from the ropes binding him and killed a thousand men with the jawbone of a donkey alone
      • “Charred flax” could be compared the wick of a candle that has been burned
    • After the battle was over, Samson was exhausted and afraid; he feared that he might die
      • Samson recognized his need and prayed to the Lord for help
        • This is a good start, but we also see the petulant tone in Samson’s prayer as well
      • God mercifully answered Samson’s prayer and provided him with refreshing water

What does it lead me to confess?    

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