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We are a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, a church body committed to sharing life in Jesus with people throughout the world.

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We are located on Pippin Rd., in close proximity to Fairfield, Forest Park, Seven Hills, Hamilton, and southern Butler County
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3 Year Bible Reading: Joshua 17

Our Three Year Bible reading for today is Joshua 17.


  • Chapter 17 continues the division of the Promised Land according to the tribes of Israel
  • Verses 3-6 remind us of events that transpired back in Numbers 27
    • A man named Zelophehad died without having any sons to serve as his legal heirs
      • His five daughters had gone to Moses and asked that provisions be made for them in the Promised Land
      • God instructed Moses to make sure that these women received a portion of land so that Zelophehad’s name would not be lost
      • Joshua kept the promise that Moses had made
  • Verses 12-13 tell us that the tribe of Manasseh had difficulty driving out the people who were living in the land they had been given by God
    • Ultimately they ended up forcing these Canaanites to serve them in forced labor
    • Their failure to drive them out completely, however, would come back to haunt them in the form of temptation and being led away from God
  • The two tribes of Joseph, Manasseh and Ephraim, went to Joshua at the end of this chapter to complain that the land assigned to them was too small for their large population
    • Joshua’s response: if you are so large, you should have no problem pushing the Canaanites away from your land to expand your territory
    • Joshua was a member of the tribe of Ephraim, so he cannot be accused of showing favoritism to the other tribes of Israel

What does it lead me to confess?                                                      

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3 Year Bible Reading: Joshua 15

Our Three Year Bible reading for today is Joshua 15.


  • Chapter 15 gives us more information on the division of the Promised Land, which God had won for Israel
    • Perhaps you’ve noticed that the last few chapters have included lots of names: people and places you’ve never heard of before
      • Perhaps our eyes glaze over a little bit when we see all those names, one after another
      • Yet there is something amazing being built by the names of all these cities and locations
        • A fulfilled promise is constructed out of names like En Shemesh and Mount Ephron, a promise made to Abraham out under a night sky, a promise repeated to Isaac and Jacob
        • Israel was receiving the fulfillment of a promise made hundreds of years ago, a promise that seemed a little unbelievable at the time, a promise that seemed unbelievable when Israel was stuck in the chains of Egyptian slavery, a promise that seemed far, far away as Israel wandered through the desert of their punishment
    • When we see these sections through that light, we begin to understand how astounding it must have been for these Israelites to listen as their tribes received a place of their own in Canaan
      • God had kept His promise!
  • We see in verses 13-16 the answer to Caleb’s request in chapter 14: he was given the land around the Anakites and successfully drove them away at the age of 85
    • We also note the appearance of Othniel, who later served Israel as a judge in Judges 3:7-11

What does it lead me to confess?                                                      

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