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 Vacation Bible School and Summer Camps
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Details and Registration

If you are a member of Beautiful Savior Lutheran Chruch and would like to Volunteer to serve in this years VBS and Summer Camps, please let us know.  You can use either the paper forms available in the narthex, the VBS pdf form or using this online volunteer form.

We are a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, a church body committed to sharing life in Jesus with people throughout the world.

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We are located on Pippin Rd., in close proximity to Fairfield, Forest Park, Seven Hills, Hamilton, and southern Butler County
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Sunday Services
8:30 and 11:00 am
Child and Adult Sunday School between services

Our Preschool and Kindergarten enrolling now!
We have openings in both the three-year-old (Tuesday and Thursday morning) and four-year-old (Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings) classes. There are also openings in the kindergarten which meets full days on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Call now to schedule a visit at (513) 825-2290
check out the Pre-K Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/mrskiedrowski.
Applications are available on this website.


Our congregation is trying a new program called Mornings with Mommy.   This program is idle for the summer months, but we plan to restart along with the school year, in the fall of 2014.

It's a fun and easy way for you to enjoy activities with your children and meet other Moms. 

Mornings with Mommy details and Sign Up here!

3 Year Bible Reading: Genesis 40

Our Three Year Bible reading for today is Genesis 40.


  • When chapter 39 ended, Joseph had been sent to prison after being false accused of sexually assaulting his master’s wife
  • God blessed Joseph greatly in prison, however, to the point that he was in charge of many prisoners
    • Two of those prisoners were servants of the Pharaoh, who had offended their boss in some way
      • One was the Pharaoh’s chief baker
      • The other was the Pharaoh’s cupbearer, which involved tasting the Pharaoh’s wine to make sure it was not poisoned
    • It is unclear what these men had done to be imprisoned
    • Since these were high ranking men, Joseph was instructed to take special care of them
  • Both of these men had troubling dreams one night
    • These dreams were disturbing enough that neither of them could forget them the next day
    • Joseph said God could allow him to interpret the dreams; he did not attempt to gain glory for himself in this event
    • The cupbearer happily would be restored to his position in three days
      • All Joseph asked in return for this interpretation was that the cupbearer might mention Joseph’s case to the Pharaoh since he was being wrongfully imprisoned
    • The baker unfortunately would lose his life
  • Both of these interpretations of Joseph came true
    • The cupbearer neglected to mention Joseph
    • Joseph would remain in prison for another 2 years
  • We see God’s wisdom in allowing the cupbearer to forget Joseph
    • If Joseph would have been released at that point, he would have returned to a normal life in Egypt
    • By being in prison two years later, however, Joseph was in the perfect position to be called upon to interpret one of Pharaoh’s strange dreams
      • This led to the great events of chapter 41, which we’ll study on Monday

What does it lead me to confess?

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3 Year Bible Reading: Genesis 39

Our Three Year Bible reading for today is Genesis 39.


  • Chapter 38 left us with Joseph sold into slavery, being taken by caravan to the foreign land of Egypt
  • Once the party arrived, Joseph was sold to Potiphar, who was basically the head of the Secret Service for Pharaoh, the ruler of Egypt
  • Joseph learned a lot about Egyptian culture in life when he worked for Potiphar
    • This helped him later when he was 2nd in command of Egypt
  • Potiphar quickly began to appreciate Joseph’s faithful work and his God-given gifts
    • Joseph was promoted rapidly and ultimately was allowed to live in Potiphar’s house, rather than the slave quarters
    • Potiphar grew to trust Joseph so much that he made him manager of everything he owned
  • As good things happened to Joseph, he knew that it was all God’s doing, not his own
    • Potiphar understood this too
    • This was because Joseph lived his faith very well
  • It’s thought that Joseph served in Potiphar’s house for about 10 years before Potiphar’s wife attempted to seduce him
    • She noted how strong and handsome Joseph was and she desired him
    • As a young man, this would have been a strong temptation
  • Joseph’s answer to Potiphar’s wife involves three things:
    • He would not betray Potiphar’s trust
    • He would not take what did not belong to him (Potiphar’s wife)
    • He would not sin against God who had blessed him
      • The approval of God meant more to Joseph than earthly pleasure
  • Joseph’s refusal unfortunately made him even more attractive to Potiphar’s wife
  • Joseph literally ran away from Potiphar’s wife to escape from sin
    • Potiphar’s wife lied about Joseph and got him fired and put in prison as revenge
      • There is some thought that Potiphar knew his wife was not being truthful
        • Ordinarily a slave would be executed for such a crime
        • Joseph, however, was placed in a part of the prison normally reserved for political prisoners
        • Potiphar could not ignore his wife’s accusations but he could prevent Joseph’s execution
  • God was still with Joseph and blessed him in prison
    • He became the head of all the prisoners there
    • Joseph did not sulk or pout; instead he went to work in a God-pleasing way

What does it lead me to confess?

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